Students throughout Texas are enjoying their final days of summer vacation. Some, in fact, have already bid those carefree days goodbye in order to prepare for extracurricular activities like football, volleyball and band.

For most most area schools, the opening day of school will be Monday, Aug. 25. But the days between now and then will be punctuated with various preparatory meetings - registration, if not already completed, “meet the teacher” programs and classroom tours and other events.

This is a time for parents to also prepare for “back to school.” The importance of having parents personally and routinely involved in their children’s school studies and activities cannot be overstated.

Many campuses are having preliminary PTO meetings before school begins. Other meetings are planned where parents are not only welcome, they are urged to attend. Even at the middle and high school levels, where students are at an age where acknowledging Mom and Dad may run contrary to peer pressure, there are times when parental participation is warranted and appreciated.

Teachers and students are working hard to be ready when the first bell sounds. Parents should be doing likewise.

Brownwood Bulletin