To the editor:

The Texas Department of Transporation is violating the law on the toll road issue. It is against the law for a state agency to lobby for or against an issue, and it is also against the law for any agency to use tax dollars to lobby for issues. TxDOT has been lobbying for toll roads in Texas and they have spent 9.6 million tax dollars in their efforts. There is currently a lawsuit against them to end their illegal activities.

This rogue agency has been called out of control by a state legislator. According to one legislator they use tax dollars to send family members of their employees to school for post graduate degrees at no benefit to the state. They are a powerful lobby that retaliates against legislators who defy them.

State legislators are elected by us, not TxDOT. We need to urge our lawmakers to get this agency under control. Those employees who are acting illegally by issue advocacy and using our tax dollars to do so need to be fired. Educating their family members at taxpayer expense needs to stop. Funding and staffing for this rogue agency needs to be drastically reduced until they realize they are not above the law. It should not take a lawsuit to force them to follow the law.

Also, if our gasoline taxes were not being diverted from their intended use on our highways by legislators, toll roads would not be an issue. This too must stop.

Donald N. Baker