To the editor:

I’d like to add some follow-up information to the letter that Kurt Newton wrote (July 22) regarding the baseball game in which “tempers did flair” (flare). Dare I mention that the “temper flaring” was accelerated by a parent? What a shame! My son-in-law is one of the coaches of one of the teams involved in that particular game. As both a parent and a coach, he was not happy with the entire incident either. When he knew the two teams would be facing each other again in the Friday night championship game he thought something should be done to ease the situation. He said he hoped to get both teams out on the field before the game to shake hands with each other. That he did, but it went even better than he hoped. First the umpires, coaches and players gathered on the field and discussed what would and would not be tolerated during the game. Then the two teams, including players, coaches, and umpires, prayed together and shook hands. It made me - and many other parents and grandparents - very proud to see that. The players, coaches and fans all showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the entire game.

I’m proud to say, too, that my grandson’s team came out on top and won that championship game. However, I must say that I think everyone was a winner that night - great playing and great sportsmanship! That’s the way these ball games for our young people SHOULD ALWAYS go! Let’s hope the fans can remember that next year! By the way, kudos to Carolyn Day for her good letter on Wednesday, July 23. She is right, she and all the other coaches donate hours of their own time and rarely get all the thanks they deserve.

Susan King