To the editor:

I have been a citizen of Brownwood for a large part of my life. As a young boy, I sold the Brownwood Bulletin on the streets. It gave me the opportunity to make money for going to the movies and other things. I have friends and kinfolk still here.

I want to say many of the rumors about Brownwood are not true. The Brownwood Mafia is a tourist fellowship for publicity and has nothing to do with the crime mafia. There is not secret base here of any kind, but what is here are a lot of good people. This area is not a hotbed for UFOs, although a few strange lights in the sky are seen now and then. The Brownwood Police Department is not up to any conspiracy against law abiding citizens.

I suggest that people get the facts and resist rumors. The city does have its problems ó but so does every other city. We do not all think alike all the time or vote the same way or even see things the same way. But, if you are a law breaker or trouble maker, the law will be watching.

Do not force your strange ideas on others, and make sure you know what you are talking about. Remember, even a half-truth is a lie. Letís be on alert for real problems.

I appreciate the letter to the editor regarding weather alert ideas. I am just a common Texan, but I am hopeful.

Harold Baldwin