To the editor:

I am writing this letter hoping that a woman in a maroon car who stopped close to our gate on Tuesday, Nov. 27, will read my letter and if she knows anything about our lost miniature dachshund puppy, she will bring her back home. My husband came home in time to see the woman get into the maroon car and drive away.

Our puppy is reddish brown and has black down the center of her back and onto her tail. She also has black around her ears and throat and tummy. Because her mother is a long haired dachshund, she has some long hair on her face around her eyes and mouth. Also some long hair on her feet. She is very special to us. My daughter gave her to my husband. She has the mother dog who has been in our family for a long time, as she is an older dog, she will not have another litter of pups.

We miss our puppy very much and I know she misses us too. Our big outside dog misses her too. They slept in the same dog house and kept each other warm at night and played together constantly in the day time. He is a bit lost without her. Funny, he chased after that maroon car as far as he could, and then my husband called him and made him come back.

Treva Clay