To the editor:

This is a response to Mr. George Day’s letter to the editor.

I am the plant manager for Brownwood Mfg. Since I am more “in the know” about our situation than you, I would like to clarify some of your erroneous information.

1. Contracting with the U.S. government is not “pork” legislation. It is a business decision. There is nowhere in a contract that asks if you are a Democrat or Republican. You must be a low bidder or a “best value” in order to get a contract.

2. U.S. military uniforms CANNOT be made except in the US or its territories. Therefore the Republicans have nothing to do with our difficulties.

3. Our Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s offer has spend numerous hours and made many calls to help us. Because of her efforts I am getting more communication with our Customer and I am told a new order should be forthcoming. Oh, by the way, she is Republican.

4. The employees of Brownwood Mfg. can vote for whomever they please or not vote if they choose. That is what makes this country great. It has absolutely nothing to do with their jobs.

I found your comments to be disrespectful toward our employees, and I resent your using Brownwood Mfg. and our plight to further your political ranting against the Republicans. It has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans.

Debbie Byrd

Plant Manager

Brownwood Mfg.