It’s not only students who benefit from quality public schools. Now more than ever, a good education is the foundation for a nation’s ability to compete in the global market, and for a society to enhance the quality of life for its citizens. Without a good education, citizens aren’t able to pursue their career dreams, to experience job satisfaction, and to live what we have come to know as the “American dream.”

The accountability ratings issued each summer by the Texas Education Agency may be just one measure of the job local schools are doing, and it certainly is not a perfect standard, at that. But it has become one of the most widely used factors by which Texas educators measure their progress, not only against previous years, but also against other school systems of similar size.

Like any grading method, the categories include a range of results. A campus rated “recognized,” for example, could have missed being “exemplary” by just a few percentage points. And that could have been the result of one or two students.

Likewise, a campus could have made “recognized” instead of the lesser rating of “academically acceptable” by the good numbers registered by just one or two students.

But overall, the ratings announced Friday by the TEA for Brown County schools are evidence that local educators are doing what’s required to equip the next generation for the challenges they will encounter in life. The detailed data will provide information on where improvements can be made, and schools have historically used that as a guide.

That effort will begin this month as classes prepare to open for the fall semester. In the meantime, area educators can take pride in the job they are doing for our young people.

Brownwood Bulletin