To the editor:

Did you ever wonder why the property taxes are so high in Brownwood? I have given it a lot of thought, and the city is using our tax dollars to lobby businesses into this area. Under normal conditions, when a business moves in, their taxes go in the pool to help meet the budget the city dreams up. But in Brownwood, they entice business to come in by giving them a 10- or 20-year tax break. This is the same thing as saying we will make the property owners pay your taxes for you. And just to sweeten the pot, they give them our hard-earned tax dollars for creating a low-paying job that no American could live on. This doesn’t cost the city anything — they still get their tax money off their sales, they still get their money off their utilities, phone, electric, etc.

I realize it takes money to run a city and I don’t have a problem with that. I do have a problem with a city that has a $27 million budget and doesn’t have enough money to fix the streets. The only streets that are worth driving on are maintained by the state. The ones done by the city — if there are any — you can spot by the manhole covers. They just can’t make them even with the street. However, they do test the front end of your vehicle, but not near as much as the side streets that have a 30 mph speed limit on a 5 mph street. Their method of doing business is unfair to all who live in Brownwood. It is a direct slap in the face to the established businesses that were here first. Taxes are to be paid equally by all, and no exceptions. It makes me wonder how many others are getting a paid in full tax bill. I just don’t think it is legal or that the city has the authority to exempt anyone from taxes.

I have sent you letters before and you chose to put them in File 13. I know you will not print anything negative about Brownwood, and as I have said before, this makes you another one of Brownwood’s problems. You cannot improve this town by not printing the truth! But I will have it in my records.

Omer T. Pointer