Itís a weekend like none other.

Brownwood and Brown County residents are poised to host their seventh annual Brownwood Reunion Celebration Friday through Sunday, and this one promises to be even bigger and better ó perhaps even luckier ó than ever.

The third weekend in September has been special in Brown County for three decades. It began with the Pecan Valley Arts Festival, with vendors from throughout the state arriving at Festival Park to offer their original materials for sale. But as the old century was fading into history, something different was envisioned. Events were moved downtown for a few years, and were even skipped one time while plans were retooled. Almost a decade later, itís safe to say that the Reunion concept, originally developed to celebrate the debut of the communityís promotional Web site,, is the most successful annual event this community has ever developed.

This is an event that has not only proven popular with those who participate, itís also won a series of statewide honors for the community and its leaders.

Itís a monumental undertaking, with scores of booths, dozens of attractions and top-name entertainment. Itís a project that has been embraced by thousands of people of all ages who attend, as well as the hundreds of volunteers required to make it happen.

That point cannot be overstated. The Brownwood Reunion Celebration is a yearlong labor or love for those associated with its planning, as performers must be booked and other commitments secured months before the downtown streets are barricaded. A mountain of logistics must be worked out, and then ó when the actual week arrives ó the hard work really begins. Much of the downtown area is transformed from a business district to a festival grounds, and then it must all be quickly returned to normal by Monday morning.

As is the case any time large groups of people gather, the possibility of accidents and even crime exist. But the expectation is that everyone will have a good time. The Reunionís plan for safety and security helps minimize problems. The cityís team of municipal workers, including its police and fire departments, are fully engaged in the process.

Meanwhile, the excitement is building, so people of all ages need make their plans to be in downtown Brownwood this weekend. Itís Reunion time again.

Brownwood Bulletin