To the editor:

I see in the paper where one of our 125 employee businesses may be shut down. This is a perfect example to explain why one should never vote for a Republican. First, our Midland oil-town Republican Congressman is opposed to “pork” legislation. This contract is “pork”. A Democrat would get us the contract.

Democrats got us the U.S. Pecan Station, the rebuilt Lake Brownwood Dam, the Camp Bowie Industrial Park and the Brown County Water Improvement District No. One Water Treatment Plant, to name a few. These were all “pork.” The old Woolen Mill and this Brownwood Manufacturing Plant got goverment contract because of a Democratic Congressman (and President).

These jobs will go overseas under the FREE TRADE policy pushed by the Republicans. Free trade is just a fancy term that means, “Let’s move all the good jobs to foreign contries.”

The U.S. economy is based on salries because that is what people spend. Move the jobs, less salary-less economy-soon a recession, followed by a depression. The persons who work at Brownwood Manufacturing who voted Republican or who didn’t vote, acted to kill their jobs.

George A. Day