To the editor:

The Texas Hold’em Tournament would have benefited the local community regardless of what some may think. One of the rules was that players were not allowed to bring outside food and drinks. The Downtown Brownwood Lions Club is responsible for the concession stand in the coliseum. There was a letter to the editor recently about the wonderful things that this club does with the concession stand profits for our local community.

I fully understand that we want to keep the reunion a family oriented event. The tournament was not open to the public. It was by invitation only; therefore, no one would have been exposed to it who was not either volunteering or playing in the tournament. Many of the players were bringing their family with them to spend not only time, but possibly money at the reunion. Some of these people were only coming because of this tournament. Because it was canceled, they did not come.

Let’s look at the gambling aspect of this. Is it not a gamble to purchase insurance? You are gambling that something happens to you or your property. The insurance company is gambling that something does not happen. How about the lottery or bingo? Is it not gambling to buy a dollar chance on winning a quilt? How about rodeos? You pay a fee to participate. Maybe you’ll get your money back and maybe you won’t!

My point is simple. If you do not want to participate in something, then don’t. You shouldn’t keep others from contributing from our community.

Lahonda Blevins