To the editor:

First, I was so pleased to see Monday’s paper regarding the Brown County Veterans Day service that was held at Riverside Park on Sunday, Nov. 11. I had attended church that morning, stopped at the cemetery to visit my son, Brett, and son-in-law, Jack, and I realized I may be late for this very important honor to our veterans. So I rushed in hopes of finding a parking place. Guess what?

There were plenty of places, for only a few people attended. I would say 60 in all, and that included the lovely ladies passing out the poppies and the concession stand volunteers from the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. I have never felt so disappointed in a city. Our community does a lot for very many of our underprivileged citizens, but this was free and I use the term freely, for that is what our veterans have given us. I listened to Gary Flanagan as he told us about the many missing from all the wars, as he was POW/MIA accounting commander in Hanoi. The search continues to this day. I just wish I would have taken a tablet and pen to write down the many numbers he told us about, but this was noted in the Bulletin on Monday, Nov. 12, and they pretty well covered it. When I went to shake his hand, I had a hard time speaking through my tears. Thanks you to the VFW for the dedication you always show towards our service men and women — past and present — and to the Brownwood Bulletin for terrific coverage.

Judy Shaw