To the editor:

In reading the article “Workingman’s blues” in the July 26-Aug. 1 issue of The Economist magazine, I came across a most unpleasant paragraph. Please let me share it with you:

“Figures collated by Emmanuel Saez, an economist at Berkeley, make the point starkly. In the 1990s, the incomes of the richest 1 percent of taxpayers went up 10 percent a year in real terms… while those of the other 99 percent grew an average rate of 2.4 percent. Between 2002 and 2006 the richest 1 percent percent saw 11 percent annual real income growth: everyone else got less than 1 percent. Three-quarters of the gains from the Bush expansion went to 1 percent of taxpayers, who now receive a larger share of overall income than at any time since the 1920s” (page 36).

I find these figures appalling. What do you think? How do you feel? I would like to know or read your feelings about these events in your own newspaper. Are you allowed to do that in this newspaper?

I read the Brownwood Bulletin daily. It is a very fine newspaper for a city this size. It covers youth sports comprehensively, as might be expected in central Texas. I know that the streets are being repaired, and that water will be provided. Criminals are caught. unfortunately, I see no more than one article per day on important economic or political issues. In an election year, that seems strangely detached.

Would it be possible for you, as the editor of the only city daily newspaper, to address some of these issues going on right now in depth, sometime between now and the November election? I certainly hope so. Many people in this county might have limited access to national publications, and may know much less than they should about events which will shape their lives for years to come. People in Brownwood may actually depend upon you to inform them about what is going on. I hope that you will use every single opportunity and column inch to do so! I remain a concerned subscriber and reader.

Arthur Ellis Moon, II