To the editor:

In response to Mr. Lindsey’s letter stating, “The invoice/bill I receive from the city mentions if we want to include an additional $1 ‘Keep Brownwood Beautiful’ donation. My donation is already included in my water bill.” I would like to clarify what this voluntary dollar donation is. Each dollar that citizens voluntarily donate goes directly to the nonprofit organization Keep Brownwood Beautiful (KBB). KBB is a grassroots citizen’s organization that has one part-time staff person. Some of the projects of KBB include: Developing and maintaining green spaces that were once vacant lots prime for illegal dumping, developed and staff in-town recycling program, hosting two free city-wide clean ups each year, applying for grants to improve Brownwood (three drinking fountains in Coggin Park, two Governor Community Achievement Awards values at $170,000 for developing vacant areas, cigarette litter prevention grant to decrease litter, just to name a few), educational classes on waste reduction, recycling, composting, native and water wise landscaping, plant sales, green event planning to prevent litter at large events, newspaper column with “green” ideas, collecting litter, decorating for the holidays on highly visible areas, and more.

Thanks to the hundreds of hours that KBB members volunteer each year, our city is a better and more attractive place to live or visit. If you appreciate KBB’s efforts and want to help, the voluntary dollar donation on the city water bill funds these programs. The dollar goes directly to our organization.

Please feel free to come to our events or meetings. Everyone is welcome!

Cary Perrin

Program Coordinator

Keep Brownwood Beautiful