To the editor:

I am opposed to appointing a police chief because it would end up costing taxpayers more money and creating a necessary position of liason office within the police department, an additional employee, office space and salary. The mayor and council would have control over the police department. That would only benefit those in power. If they disagree with his or her policy, then they can say “I’ll have your badge.”

If they were to go outside the department to find a new chief they would have to spend money that would have to go to a consulting firm to find what is feasible in order to hire from outside the department. If they find a candidate, he would have to have an incentive package to move to Brownwood — more cost.

Also, it is taking away our votes. What would be next as for appointed positions? I believe we citizens have a right to vote for whomever we think can do the best job. There are a lot of qualified officers in our department who can take over the job of “chief of police,” thanks to Chief Virgil Cowin, who has helped train many of these officers and promoted within.

Think about this when you cast your votes.

Mrs. Dorothy L. Upfold