To the editor:

Regarding ďCouncil tables signal camerasĒ Aug. 29: This issue, I think it will be a great idea for the city council to reconsider to bring this back and discuss more about the topic and what it can do for the city.

For one of the unanswered questions I read in this story was, what if I own the vehicle but was not the driver at the time of violation? According to the Arlington Police Department, they can have you go to the adjudication officer and fill out an affidavit of non-liability, to show you were not the driver at the time of the violation.

From what Iíve researched in other cities that have red light cameras, the ones who run the red light and other city ordinances are the one who pays for the cameras by the fines issued to them.

Also from what I understand itís only two or three intersections. So the cost should not be that much for the cameras to be installed. From what I read from the Arlington, Plano and El Paso, Web sites on red light cameras, they all showed a reduction in traffic violations as well as accidents that happen in those intersections.

Another way cameras help at the intersections are, they can be a little reminder of the dangers in that intersection. Itís also a way just to monitor the intersection without a police officer present.

A way you can save money is where you get a decoy camera and place it in an intersection. Drivers will see it and know to slow down and be more cautious in the intersection.

Joseph Shearman