On a recent morning we found our cat, Lucia, in a steel jaw trap. Her front right paw was caught in the trap. The trap was on private property along an obvious animal trail and near water. We live in the city limits and steel jaw traps are illegal to use in the city of Brownwood. Luckily, for us, Nick Ferguson of Brownwood Animal Control responded immediately to our call. When we went out to take pictures of where we found our severely injured cat, we found an additional trap with a possum caught in the jaws – still living.

When Nick returned to retrieve the possum and trap, the man who had set the traps appeared. He had set five illegal traps on private property. After being issued a citation, I asked him why he set the traps. He stated that he thought the creek banks were city property (untrue), he was trying to catch raccoons to skin them for their fur and that he would have released our cat without rendering aid had he found her. He said he had no idea that it is illegal to trap in the city limits with steel jaw traps. These traps are barbaric, brutal and illegal to use in Brownwood. Pet owners beware, as our

area is probably not the only area these traps were set up.

Cary Perrin


EDITOR’S NOTE: Lucia is recovering from her injuries.