To the editor:

With the current attitude of Congress, the Immigration and Naturalization Service is no longer necessary. Elimination would free up the cost of this agency for use in covering some of the expense in legalizing the 12 million illegals who have evaded them in the past.

If we are now going to reward those scofflaws for their illegality, what proof is there that this will be the end of it? Having to pay a fine will just cause most of them to continue to break the law that they have already evaded. Some will accept the opportunity but millions will continue to ignore it.

It has been said that we cannot deport 12 million people. Nothing can be done unless it is started. Start by continuing to arrest those without valid documentation and deport them immediately. Fly them as far as to their home country and leave them. Any caught the second time should be incarcerated in a prison camp in the middle of the Arizona desert for six months and then deported a second time. When word of this gets out, a mass exodus will occur.

Severe penalties must be applied to employers who hire illegals substantial fines as well as prison time for management personnel responsible. If the job market dries up, the incentive for ignoring the law will end. The job market can then be supplemented by legal immigrants. We do have a backlog of people wanting to immigrate legally.

Our Social Security and welfare systems cannot afford the influx of 12 million eligible candidates.

The countries of origin of most of the illegals are trying to push their welfare problems onto the rich uncle from the north.

We cannot absorb the poor of all the world!

Bob Hickey