Unless you’re a youngster waiting for the night of Santa’s arrival, the days pass quickly this time of year. And unless hundreds of Brown County residents pause long enough to think about children in this community who are in families who are financially less secure than others, Santa’s visit at their house this Christmas may be disappointing.

Requests for assistance at the Toys for Kids headquarters closed on Saturday, but donations of money and gifts to fill those requests are still being accepted. Several drives are under way and when those donations are delivered, Santa’s storeroom at the Toys for Kids location will grow dramatically.

Each Christmas, many worthy causes – including several others that provide toys – position themselves to help area residents during the holiday season. But the Toys for Kids program, much like the Brown County United Way campaign and a handful of other drives, merits residents’ attention not only because of its scope, but also because the money remains at home.

This has been an especially difficult year financially for many young families. Right now, Toys for Kids is particularly in need of toys for toddlers ages 6 months to 2 years. If you’re making a shopping list for your family, remember those little ones too.

Christmas will be here in a little more than two weeks. With a little help from everyone who can, local little ones will not be disappointed on Dec. 25.

Brownwood Bulletin