A team of workers and volunteers successfully transforms several dozen downtown city blocks into a festival area every September in preparation for the Brownwood Reunion Celebration. It’s a massive undertaking, but it’s one that thousands of visitors have enjoyed for seven years.

Perhaps an even greater transformation comes on Sunday evening, when it’s all taken down and the central business district is put back the way it was a few days earlier. The streets where families had walked through rows of booths and where vendors had sold their wares disappear, and Monday morning arrives with the Reunion site only a fond memory in area residents’ minds.

It appears one remnant that has sometimes been a problem in the Reunion’s aftermath was minimized thanks to a concerted campaign by its officials and sponsors. “Lucky No. 7” went “green” this year, and encouraged everyone attending to put litter in its proper place. Reunion planners announced early that the tradition of keeping the downtown area litter-free was being started, and trash bins were prominently placed throughout the area. A booth supplied trash bags to make it easier for visitors to handle trash appropriately.

An unscientific review of the situation during and after Reunion activities provided evidence that “Keep It Green” endeavor prompted by the Reunion’s Green Team, the City of Brownwood and Keep Brownwood Beautiful enjoyed some success. Of course, the message never is heard or heeded by everyone, but many did. To those, thank you, and keep up the good work.

Brownwood Bulletin