To the editor:

Re: The day care owner who disciplined a child.

I have entrusted my grandchild and her children to the care of the facility in question for 25 years. Never once have my children been mistreated, and I have been in and out of the day care hundreds of times and have never observed any child mistreated.

It is true that on more than one occasion, I have gone to pick up my grandson and found him “sitting out” or writing sentences. I realize that children do sometimes “act out,” and in order to ensure the welfare of my child and his peers, some form of discipline must be employed. In the case in question, I would mention that the day care owner is not a great deal larger or stronger than the average 8-year-old boy and would be unable to do significant bodily harm to him.

I have personally known, quite well, the lady in question and can testify that she is a good, caring individual who is dedicated to the welfare of her charges.

As a previous day care owner and teacher, I am well aware of the responsibility resting on the shoulders of a caregiver, and I can and do continue to trust the care of my loved ones to the day care in question, knowing they are in good hands.

Fay Reed