To the editor:

I read an article where Mrs. Pelosi wanted adult children to stand in for a spouse on trips for reasons she felt should be acknowledged such as professional responsibilities, health issues and a matter of protocol to fill in on official trips at no expense to the adult child. (Whatever.) She wants to take them where ever it is she or members of Congress and their children will be traveling at the taxpayers’ expense. I understand the president’s children not being able to fly like ordinary people, that I understand.

I believe just because you are a member of Congress does not make one any better than the next. Mrs. Pelosi’s children — no matter how old they are — should have to pay or she should have to pay their way. Taxpayers’ dollars should not be wasted on such. The taxpayers’ dollars are wasted enough on too many other things. Just because people are in Congress or government should not allow them special privileges. That to me is discrimination to the people of the United States. That to me is like taking the taxpayers’ dollars in, how should I say this, being too socialist just because they are government officials.

Again — how to say this without making an insult or stepping on toes — it’s a form of communism. Really, stop and think about it. If a person would stop and take the time to go over our constitutional rights and amendments, I am sure one would be shocked as to how it is changing right under our noses and in away that is just communist. We the people need to rise up and try to fight against all this and keep what our forefathers founded in this country going strong. Seriously, go back and read the rights and amendments. This is an example of what I am talking about, changing a law or laws and policies to meet one or more of a person or persons wants and lifestyle.

According to the report, the Department of Defense, which sometimes provides transportation for congressional members, has a policy that children who accompany congressional members on trips must reimburse the cost at commercial rates. However, Mrs. Pelosi is asking the Pentagon to revise the policy to allow them to travel free. That’s a quote.

Study it hard and look close and even then it’s not that hard to understand and read what it says, So why change it? So I have answered, how I feel about Mrs. Pelosi wanting free air fare for children or adult children of members of Congress.

Dianne Anderson