Cat juggler to 44 fans: I need advice. Although, by the time y’all are reading this, it will be too late.

OK, here’s the deal: What do you do if your two favorite teams are playing each other on Thanksgiving?

How do you decide which team to stand up and cheer for?

My two favorite teams — the Jets and the Cowboys — are indeed playing each other today, and I can’t bring myself to favor one team over the other.

“OK, I need advice,” I told Bulletin managing editor Gene Deason (who, I don’t think, is one of the 44).

“Buy low and sell high,” Gene responded.

I explained my Jets-Cowboys dilemma.

“You’re gonna have to make a decision,” Gene advised. “It’s kinda like before you got married, you may have had two girlfriends. You have to make a decision …”

Or in college, maybe you had to choose between majoring in music and becoming a beatnik, or majoring in accounting and going into business.

The Jets-Cowboys game will feature two brothers on opposite sides — running backs Julius Jones (Cowboys) and Thomas Jones (Jets). So their parents will face the same dilemma as the cat juggler.

Given that it’s Thanksgiving, you might think my co-workers wouldn’t make hateful, hurtful comments to the cat juggler.

But yes-s-s …

Time for at least one of my 44 fans to come to my defense.

Firstly, I noticed a completed Viewpoint page with Gene’s column stretched across the top. I thought he was subbing for me until I noticed that the page belonged to Friday.

Gene explained that it’s a holiday and he believes in working ahead. I’m sure he was implying something there.

Then C.C. Fulton started, noting my lack of a completed column Wednesday afternoon. I said I had a crappy one started that wasn’t going anywhere.

“And that’s never happened before?” C.C. said.

No, never.

She suggested, for a topic, all the things me and my family don’t celebrate: Lent, Advent, Palm Sunday, Epiphany …

It’s not that I have anything against those events. I’m just a member of the wrong denomination.

“How about Ramadan?” Gene axed.

Not that, either.

C.C. said my column always falls on Thanksgiving so I should have a standard Thanksgiving column to dust off. So I guess this is it.

Way off on a tangent … I am not a real estate expert (nor do I … well, you know). Most of what I know about real estate comes from Wife, our three yoots and the cat juggler being homeowners in Brownwood.

We live in a modest neighborhood consisting of decent, but not overly fancy houses. A couple of these houses went up for sale recently, and they are listing for more than a hundred grand.

I know houses keep going “up,” but even on today’s market I would have thought that $100,000 would fetch a fairly large and well-appointed abode. The two $100,000-plus houses in our neighborhood don’t look like anything special, so Wife, our three yoots and I were astounded at their price tags.

And we have no earthly idea whether the houses will bring anywhere near that much or if they’re way overpriced.

Many years ago I knew some people in another city who moved out of their working-class neighborhood and into a large, fancy home in an expensive neighborhood — kind of like going from a Fairlane to a Mercedes.

The gossip was, that house cost more than fifty thousand dollars.

Steve Nash writes his column for the Brownwood Bulletin on Thursdays. He may be reached by e-mail at