To the editor:

I am assuming, G, Curtis Hoskins (Letters, Jan. 19), has never lost anyone to a traffic accident.

If he had I donít believe he could be so callous.

I will never forget waking up to the police knocking on our door at late night, telling my parents, my brother had been killed in a car wreck. He was not drunk, just driving a little too fast on a curve. I know that sounds like he might not have been paying attention to driving, which is no excuse, but still at 21, life is all good.

I hope that if you have not experienced this, that you will not have to, because anyone can make a mistake, and it only takes one small mistake to turn tragic. We are not all perfect and probably will never be, so please stop and think about others who have suffered a loss like this and be more concerned. Thanks for listening.

D. Simpson