To the editor:

I want to express my opinion and ask a question. I am greatly appreciative for the Brownwood Bulletin for printing my letters. I write letters to inform and enlighten, not to offend. I have written three letters that have been printed and two have brought quick response.

I want to ask if Brownwood is prepared for the coming increase of people from south of the border? When the big cities have run out of jobs and housing, and these people come to smaller communities it will bring changes. There will be more crime, traffic and dope competition. There will be gangs, troubles and housing shortages. It will tip the political balance in favor of the political party that promises the most and is most liberal. I am not a racist, and love Mexico, but we do not owe them special favors above others.

President Bush, Edward Kennedy and John McCain’s bill on amnesty was wrong. Mexico refuses to close its wide-open southern border. The threat of terrorists from across our borders is all too real. Our law enforcement people will be keeping on alert, but they are in need of more forces. We need to be prepared and ready. Jobs and housing will be short for legal citizens. We need a place for homeless, needy and travelers coming in a rescue mission. We have had people from as far away as Mississippi and Arizona.

Also, I want to answer a question that has been asked. “Did America steal Texas from Mexico?” The answer is no — Texas won its independence. Think about this.

Harold Baldwin