To the editor:

First off, let me express my heartfelt sympathy to the Carnes family and our firefighters in the loss of a great young man. B.J. will truly be missed. My comments are about our community.

As I drove in the long funeral line to Bangs, it blessed my heart so much to see how the people in our community stopped and honored this young man. I would guess that most of these people really didn’t even know B.J., but honored the service and the uniform he wore to serve our community. It makes me so proud of our town, to see such reverence shown to a family. To those of you parents who had your small children on the side on the roads holding U.S. flags, thank you for teaching these precious ones about patriotism and respect. One of the things B.J. and I often talked about was how our community is different in that we honor our flag, show respect for others and truly show a spirit of “Feels Like Home.” Thank you to our citizens for making this community the greatest to live in. I know B.J. was truly honored in the way our community responded.

Debbie Morelock