To the editor:

One of the first things I did when I returned to Brownwood in July 2003 was go to the chamber of commerce office and get a map. While talking with the lady, I asked what they were doing with the Depot. She told me and I said, Oh, I thought you might do as we did in Temple and make a museum. She showed me where the museum was going to be and wanted to know if I would be interested in running it. No, Im too old. I can be a good helper. The perfect person to run it is Mary Irving if you can sweet talk her away from Temple. If not, Frank Turner would be good if hes ready to retire from the railroad.

We all worked together for years in Temple. I am no longer able to be even a helper. I was so happy to see Mary is coming. We need more good people in Brownwood. There are people here who pretend to be good but are not.

Mary and her family are good people. Welcome, Mary, and God bless.

Olga Lorene Lafontaine