Last week’s discussion among board members of Greenleaf Cemetery and those who have family members buried there was hopefully the first step toward a solution to the financial problems the cemetery faces. While the problem is basic — finances — the solution will not be simple. And barring a major gift from an unexpected source, the answer will not be an easy one.

A photograph published in the Bulletin showing volunteers who arrived at Greenleaf after a story on the board meeting illustrated why so many families came to the board meeting to express frustration. Heavy rains have prompted the growth of tall grass, and the soggy conditions have limited the ability of its understaffed crew to perform maintenance. Even in the best weather conditions, the job was described as a challenge for three employees when 10 are needed.

Any solution will need to be a combination of the ideas proposed at the meeting. More volunteers are needed. More financial donations will continue to be solicited. The City of Brownwood will be asked for additional support.

Greenleaf Cemetery is an important historic site for this community in addition to its function as a final resting place for the bodies of generations of Brown County residents. The need for people to step forward in response to the cemetery’s needs is now on the radar screens of most local residents, as well as that of many others who live out-of-town. It’s an effort worth supporting.

Brownwood Bulletin