In just one week, Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Perhaps even more daunting is the realization that in five weeks, it will be Christmas Eve.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Brownwood area residents are poised to renew what has become an event that is of major importance to hundreds of us – the Feast of Thanksgiving. Through the support of generous benefactors, who gifts both small and large have made the event possible for a quarter of century, the Feast will continue again this Thanksgiving.

All who are willing are invited to the Mabee University Center to dine on a splendid traditional holiday meal – indeed, a feast. Although donations will be accepted, none is required. The invitation, as always, states that if you are alone, come. Or if you are with family and friends, come. Share this important national holiday and its simple message of thanks with your neighbors.

Many who come arrive ready to work, taking meals to the many residents who would come if they could, but they’re not able. This aspect has grown very year, and households in need of delivery only need to call the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce at 646-9535 in advance.

Make that call this week. Or plan to volunteer on the morning on the Feast. Or just plan to be there to enjoy it, perhaps with a contribution to keep this tradition alive.

Brownwood Bulletin