Unless youíre a youngster waiting for Santaís arrival, the days pass quickly this time of year. But unless hundreds of Brown County residents pause long enough to think about children in this community who are in families who are financially less secure than others, Santaís visit at their house this Christmas may be abbreviated, if he makes it at all.

Requests for assistance are beginning to pour in at the Toys for Kids headquarters, but the donations of money and gifts to fill those requests have not been arriving at the same pace. Several drives are already under way and when those donations are delivered, Santaís local storage area at the Toys for Kids location will fill dramatically. But this is a matter of supply and demand, and right now, thereís a shortage. More donations are needed.

On Christmas morning, nothing else is more important in the eyes of young children than gifts to open.

Brown County residents have many worthy causes that merit support around the holiday season, and each is important if people in need are to be fed, clothed and adequately housed. The window of opportunity to help the Toys for Kids program, and the children of the families it helps, is small. And it is now open.

Each year, the requests for assistance seem to grow. During some years, the distribution can be more generous to each family. The ability of the program to help local youngsters is directly related to the generosity of those who support it.

In less than three weeks, Christmas will be here. Thatís a long time in the lives of the little ones who canít wait to see what Santa will bring. But itís not a long time for those who are working diligently to make certain those little ones are not disappointed on Dec. 25.

Brownwood Bulletin