A simple calculation shows that, for Brownwood students, the first day of school is two months from today — Aug. 27. That fact is mentioned here not to spoil the summer vacation, but rather to remind students and teachers alike that the break this year will be almost two weeks longer than in previous years.

State legislation has mandated a later start to classes, so most schools in Texas will be getting under way during the last week of August. Long-standing calendars had to be adjusted, a few holidays were withheld and other accommodations were made. As a result, school will still end before the end of May, for students in Brownwood and Early at least.

Delaying the start of the school year was sought by recreational and tourism interests whose businesses depend on the availability of families — or children — to participate in their programs. Some families, like those who must travel to other areas of the country to work in agriculture, it’s after Labor Day before they can afford to return to their winter homes and enroll children in schools.

The academic argument in favor of an earlier start is that it allows the fall semester to be completed before the long Christmas break.

Hopefully, this schedule will be workable. In the meantime, enjoy the next two months of summer vacation.

Brownwood Bulletin