To the editor:

What’s in all the names we hear from the tax-supported political office holders in Washington D.C., especially the two houses of Congress?

The days when we heard our representatives refer to each other in simple terms are gone, and with it, I believe, they no longer can truly practice BI-Partisanship.

There’s one term, a seven-letter word, entered in the American College Dictionary found in the U.S. Library of Congress card No. 63-12822, which for the life of me should be practiced by both parties, especially if they claim to adhere to our Bill of Rights, and especially if one claims to be a true Christian believer.

I offer the following eight paragraphs describing this seven-letter word:

1. Those who favor progress and or reform, as in religion or political affairs.

2. An advocate of measures advocating progressive politics.

3. Favorable to or in accord with the policy of allowing each individual as unrestricted as possible in the opportunities for self-expression of self-fulfillment.

4. One who favors representational form of government rather than aristocracies and or monarchies.

5. One who is tolerant, free of prejudicial and bigotry.

6. One who gives freely or at least gives in ample measure.

7. Also giving freely and or abundantly.

8. A term befitting a gentleman and or a lady, both in religion and also especially in politics.

Now in ending, should anyone care to check this word and or terms in the American College Dictionary, the word is “liberal.”

L. L. White