To the editor:

“Dad burn it” Steve Nash, you’ve gone and inspired me once again with one of your hilarious columns (“Doing the garden, digging the weeds with power, part deux — Steve Nash”, May 31). This time your opining about manual mowers vs. power mowers took me back to my younger years and spending summer days at my grandparents pushing one of those manual mowers.

Boy, those were the days, the days where Horny Toads and Doodle Bugs were plentiful as well! I can still remember, after an hour or two of that great exercise pushing the manual mower around the yard, sitting around my grandparents’ dinner table enjoying a glass of fresh lemonade with a mixture of priceless conversation. Steve, you’ve inspired me to purchase two of those new and improved manual push mowers.

I’m going to adopt a yard in Brownwood and proceed to manually mow it on a regular basis. This will be great as I need the exercise (see “Top Ten Reasons to Consider a Reel Mower” below)! Hopefully, the adopted lawns owner will have a pitcher of lemonade ready when I’m finished and we can have a nice visit reminiscing about the “good ole days.”

Steve, are you wondering about the second manual mower? I’ve decided to give it away. You can register for this one at the Brownwood Area Farmers Market (400 Block Brown St.) or at Steves’ Market & Deli, (110 E. Chandler St.), both of which are located in “Historic” Downtown Brownwood.

Top Ten Reasons to Consider a Reel Mower

10. Nostalgia: Getting back to basics. A simpler, more natural, peaceful lifestyle.

9. Big Interest: Young, old, urban, suburban, men, women. Environmentally aware. Lawn fanatics. Exercise enthusiasts. All income levels. Anyone and everyone with a patch of grass.

8. Easy to Use: Starts when you do (no rope pulling). No key to remember, no idle to adjust, no gas or oil to worry with. Lightweight, 19-34 pounds, reel mowers are easy to push, lift and store. You push; it cuts, every time.

7. Superior Cut: Better for lawn. No ripping or tearing; the clean, even, scissor-cut of a reel mower seals the grass blade, holding moisture and keeping out disease organisms. Yields a natural mulch by dispersing clippings in a fine spray (no clumping) that decomposes quickly. Left on the lawn, the clippings serve as a natural fertilizer for the grass.

6. Safer to Use: Reel mowers are noted for safety; they stop when you do and don’t throw rocks or debris.

5. Low Purchase Price: All models sell for very attractive prices, especially when compared to the larger sums required to purchase powered units.

4. Better for You: One of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise; pushing a reel mower burns as many calories per hour as tennis, downhill skiing and low-impact aerobics (for an average 150-pound person, that’s 400 to 450 calories.) Plus the yard work is done. Just be sure to check with your doctor if you have any health restrictions on exercising.

3. Low Maintenance: No engine means no tune-up / repairs, no gas, no oil, no spark plugs. Simply brush them off occasionally, spritz the blades with WD-40 and sharpen them every other season. (Yes, there’s a DIY sharpening kit available too.)

2. Better for the Environment: No air pollution - no noise pollution, with everyone in tune to environmental advantages, reel mowers truly deliver; cutting grass the natural way.

1. Ideal for Small Lots: Less lawn equals less mower needed.



Steve Harris


P.S. Steve, Have you ever considered penning a goat (original Weed Eater?) column?