1To the editor:

I was thrilled to see and read the comment from Debbie Byrd, the plant manager at Brownwood Manufacturing Company. I was more thrilled to learn that her employees may yet benefit from ďporkĒ legislation. For you see, Pork is money that comes into a district from a federal contract such as a military contact to build a military uniform - with the help of a member of Congress.

As Ms. Byrd so graciously pointed out, her contract, if confirmed, will be pork because she has sought and is receiving help from a member of Congress - Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison - to retain or secure a government contract - in this case for a Texas community.

I have known the senator for years, going back to her day as a Democratic representative in the Texas House of Representative in Austin.

She switched parties as a lot of people have done to get re-elected, but lately she has had a change of heart and is voting with the Democrats against President Bush and Karl Rove.

A last thought. Ms. Byrd never mentioned our oil man federal representative of Midland. In the old days, our Congressional delegation always pitched us a piece of pork every now and then, a new industry, or a federal office with a small payroll. Havenít seen much of that since 1981. But our people donít want to elect people to help us and that is, of course, their, and your right.

Still, a few federal dollars doesnít hurt during hard times. The thought is if we donít get it, someone up north will.

George A. Day