To the editor:

Thanks to Don Morelock for his answer to my letter claiming that the Republican Party is responsible for jobs lost in Brown County. He said both Democrats and Republicans were to blame for NAFTA, the so-called Free Trade Agreement. He gave the negative effect of the Free Trade Agreement, no matter whose fault it is.

So I turn to my letter about job losses in the county caused by the Republicans in office in Austin. This concerns state Rep. Jim Keffer and state Sen. Troy Frazier. Some state jobs that were in Brown County were moved to Abilene, Comanche and some to India. Now more jobs at the Department of Transportation will be moved to Fort Worth.

To top this loss of jobs off, our chambers of commerce support this loss of jobs, in as much as they support the Republicans who run the state government. I am sure your readers noticed that the Brownwood population is shrinking. As the jobs go, we get smaller and our local businesses suffer. That is the definition of a dying town.

Wake up - make a change.

George A. Day