Many residents of the Brownwood area may not take the opportunity to visit perhaps the areaís greatest resource as often as they like, but that could have changed over the Fourth of July weekend. Numerous holiday activities, including several fireworks shows, were staged around the lake.

Such a visit provides a delightful reminder of at least one reason why Brown County is a prime tourist attraction for so many from other areas of Texas. And the lakeís beauty is even greater during the hot summer months when so much of the state is baking under drought conditions.

Visitors to Lake Brownwood found a reservoir that, even under the adverse conditions being faced regionally, holds abundant amounts of water. On July 4, for example, the lake was just 2.7 feet below spillway. Other lakes those visitors could choose for their holiday weekends or vacations are not in such good condition for recreational purposes.

A high lake level is also reassuring to domestic and agricultural users who draw their supply from these waters. Conservation is important, for ecological as well as economy reasons, but itís comforting to know that we save this valuable resource because itís the prudent thing to do ó not because we have to because of limited supply.

At least two more months of summer use remains for lake merchants, and hopefully it will be a successful season for them. Their services are important to the Brown County community.

Brownwood Bulletin