To the editor — or better yet,

Dear Brownwood:

We’ve all seen the commercial showing citizens doing things to help strangers — just because they saw someone else do it or someone else paid a kindness to them. Most of us believe that only happens in commercials anymore — the kindness of strangers is rare.

I was in town on Saturday. I really do not like going to Wal-Mart and avoid it until I can’t. Everyone there seems to be in hurry, in the way, and rude — no one seems to say excuse me anymore. Leaving Wal-Mart, my car died at the intersection of U.S. 377/Rush… I was on Rush and my car died as the light turned green and I could not get it to start. I was sitting there with my flashers on waiting for a friend to arrive from 45 minutes away. Finally, a gentleman in a pickup pulled in front of us and asked if he could help us push the car out of the road. I accepted the offer of help immediately.

The closest exit for my car was the CVS pharmacy — with the Mount Rushmore’s of drive entrances. The gentleman and my daughter lost the battle to the hill…but before we could look around SEVERAL other vehicles had pulled over — all ages, men and women… offering to help. Before it was said and done, there were eight individuals pushing my car to get it out of the road.

The easiest avenue for each one of these individuals would have been to drive around my car just as everyone else had. The better part of this whole event, was the attitude of all those who stopped — it was not an “oh crud — let’s get her off the road so no one else has to deal with it.” but an actual act of kindness with a smile.

Everything happened so quickly, and everyone had their own tasks to get back to, that I did not get to say thank you to all of them for their help, and I was so overwhelmed by the willingness and the number of people that pitched in that I could not speak for a moment. I am hoping you will print this letter to tell Brownwood it should be proud of the kind people in its community, and in hopes that at least one of the people who were pushing a white car up the hill at CVS read this to know I think the world of them and would like to say “Thank You.” Not just thank you for helping me, but for the renewal of human kindness. Thank you.

Monica M. Carr