Brownwood area residents are again invited to participate tonight in a program that has become more meaningful each year. The holiday season is a time of renewing and building traditions, and the candlelight prayer service sponsored by the Military and Family Support Group has become an important part of this community’s Christmas season.

Just as families develop traditions, communities do, too. The Brownwood area has its Magical High-Lights of Christmas Parade and the presentation of the Christmas segment of Handel’s “Messiah.” The parade was held last Friday, and “Messiah” returns next week. These and other programs are all highly-anticipated events that mean a great deal to those who participate and those who watch.

Meanwhile, not all of our local families will be together to celebrate the holidays. The prayer service at 6 p.m. today, held at the Margaret and Stuart Coleman Plaza in front of the Depot Civic and Cultural Center, will honor those who are serving and the families who support their efforts.

The Military and Family Support Group enjoyed incredible community support this fall as volunteers prepared Christmas cards and gift packages of small personal items for shipment to service men and women, both stateside and overseas. Those boxes are already on the way to their destinations thanks to thousands of area residents who wanted to show that they care.

Another way the community can show its care, and its support, is to attend the service tonight. Dozens of families we know will be among the hundreds of thousands throughout the nation who will not be able to see their families this Christmas because of their service to their country. Brown County residents have a tradition — whether it’s Christmas season or not — of supporting the men and women in the U.S. armed forces. Tonight’s program is another opportunity to build on that tradition.

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