Summer is a time for camps, and the Howard Payne University campus has been busy this week with young people studying and learning. Passersby have seen hundreds of high school band students outside polishing the skills they will showcase when the fall semester begins. Last week, older elementary school students were in classes for the popular Summer Scholars series. Next week, an astronomy class for students entering Grades 7 through 9 is planned.

These are all outstanding opportunities for young people to enrich their knowledge in a variety of subjects, and to have a good time in the process. Itís also an opportunity for the university to do a little subliminal recruiting for coming years. Elementary school, middle school and even most of the high school students, may not be seriously thinking about what university to attend, but it doesnít hurt that they will leave the campus quite familiar with whatís available.

The success of the band camp this year deserves the communityís notice. Almost 550 students and staff members representing approximately 50 schools from throughout the state have been attending the sessions this week. Casual observers have no doubt seen the flag corps members practicing; those colorful flags are hard to miss. But drum majors have been also going through their paces, along with band directors and other student musicians. Master classes with intensive instruction in different instruments have been offered, and students have been able to choose from a dozen different electives.

Attendance doesnít always indicate the success of program, but it must be gratifying for the campís organizers that participation is up significantly this year. The results will be enjoyed by thousands of parents and school supporters in the months ahead.

Brownwood Bulletin