To the editor:

I realize that I am old and old fashioned, but I am very thankful every day for old-fashioned parenting! I was taught that “willful wrongdoing is NEVER, EVER A MISTAKE!”

Back in the old days:

If you took someone else’s property without paying for it - it was stealing. The act of stealing was theft of property!

If you knowingly made a false or untrue statement - it was a LIE!

Voluntary extramarital affairs was ADULTERY - not a mistake!

I also explicitly remember “consequences for your actions!” I fully understood at home, at school, or in public; when I chose any behavior, I ultimately chose the appropriate consequences, good or bad! Period-the end. Very simple to understand!

Now, almost daily, news is discouraging! Reports of politicians, celebrities, ministers, law enforcement officials, professional athlete role models, lawyers, etc. etc.; have their “willful dishonesty” exposed; then, THEN shun it off as a mistake?

My dictionary defines a mistake as “a wrong decision”; NOW willfully, knowingly, intentional wrong doing!

If I’m asked, what is 2 plus 2, and I answer 2 plus 2 equals 3, I made a wrong decision, that would be a mistake!

However, if I deliberately and willfully participate in a foolish act, or intentionally exhibit a lack of intelligence, that would be STUPIDITY!!

I am sick of hearing how premeditated adultery, deliberate lying, contemplated theft, and the most cowardly act of child molestation are justified as a “mistake?”

Just another honest opinion…

Larry Shields