Larger warning signs with flashing lights to attract motorists’ attention have been installed at an intersection in Bangs where two fatal accidents have occurred in recent months. But this step — described by the Texas Department of Transportation as the first and most immediate of several actions it can take — will not make this site any safer unless drivers heed their warnings.

U.S. Highway 76 and FM 586 converge at a place where traffic leaving Bangs is accelerating, and traffic entering the city is, or should be, slowing down. It is also at a place where the divided highway is ending, and where additional local traffic is found around a growing commercial area.

TxDOT officials announced that they are continuing to develop intermediate and long-term solutions to the apparent hazards at this intersection, and will be coordinating those concepts with City of Bangs and with Brown County officials.

Additional traffic regulation may well be required to ensure the safety of the traveling public. But in the meantime, motorists should protect themselves by driving defensively and heeding traffic signs — not only in Bangs, but wherever their trips take them.

Brownwood Bulletin