On consecutive days, two Brown County residents — in separate Bulletin stories — lamented the level of patriotic support this community chooses to exhibit. Relatively speaking, the point could be argued. Soldiers from Fort Hood have praised our residents for the warm reception they receive when they are training at Camp Bowie, and they visit local restaurants and businesses. They said they don’t enjoy such cordial welcomes in some other places in the United States.

But the validity of their comments was proven by the turnout at two Memorial Day ceremonies held here Monday. Approximately 100 attended the annual event at Eastlawn Memorial Park, and the number was even fewer that day at the groundbreaking of the Central Texas Veterans Memorial and observance of the National Moment of Remembrance.

Pockets of patriotism are indeed strong in Brown County, and our history indicates that is a long-standing tradition. But the willingness to share it and to show it appears weak. No wonder it prompted Dr. Dan Locker, the speaker for Monday morning’s ceremony, to say instead of 100, there should have been 1,000 on hand. And even that number seems low, when the freedoms we enjoy because of the sacrifices of the service men and women being honored are considered.

We can, and we should, do better.

Brownwood Bulletin