One Sunday we were guests of a couple of our church families in a dry gulch ranch house in Southern Arizona. I’ll not use their names as some may still be alive and want to sue me.

The house was full of kids, noisy kids. The first thing we heard out of one of those wild kids after grace was, “I want a leg bone.” Being a Baptist preacher, I have had Sunday chicken any way it can be cooked. I have not been able to think of drumsticks since as anything but a leg bone. Not a pleasant memory.

A chicken dinner far up in the Oklahoma outback was interrupted by live chickens! There were no screens on the doors and the chickens wandered under the table. Every now and then the dogs would run through and scare them out.

I bragged on an East Texas lady’s gravy so much she gave me a jar of it when we left. Be careful what you praise.

The one time I expected chicken but got steak was the Sunday dinner in Kowloon, Hong Kong, with Col. and Mrs. Harlan Sanders. But I have told that story before.

Then there were the mountain oysters, but that was not on a Sunday. It was on a ranch outside Atoka, Okla., after a morning of watching the cowboys making steers out of the calves. Not bad eatin’ if you don’t know what it is. Reminded me of chicken and dumplings.

Last week I mentioned meeting evangelist Oral Roberts. I have written before that my right hand has not had any arthritis since shaking his. Well, truth be told, his healin’ powers have worn off.

Last week’s mention of my soapbox having holes in it brought support for me to stay on the box. That was encouraging. As for worrying, I’m booked up until October.

Almost six years into the war on terror, there are still bomb attacks in Baghdad killing hundreds of people on a daily basis. How long would it take our president to settle the war if the city of Washington had electricity an hour or two a day; limited water supplies; and bombs going off all around them?

Although we have not been hit directly since 9/11, we are less safe thanks to the Bush administration speeches, conduct and strategy. The next president and Congress must do a far better job of leading this country.

One of my 1947 Brownwood High School classmates is an exceptional artist. She has had showings in Houston and several foreign ports of call. Some of latest pieces took me a while to appreciate. But, what do I know? I can’t even draw a stick figure. See some of Brownwood’s own Nelda Philips art work on the Internet at this web site:

I see where the San Antonio televangelist John Hagee wants to invade Iran. That is what he is urging on our U.S. senators and congressmen.

That tale will have to wait until next week.

Britt Towery. missionary and writer, can be contacted by e-mail: His column appears in the Bulletin on Fridays.