To the editor:

In 1982, I bought a home in Brown County. Until Bobby Grubbs was elected sheriff, I have been very seldom aware that we even had a sheriff. Judging by the campaign the Democratic candidate for sheriff is running, I would say at least one of our local Democrats is learning her tactics from the National Democratic Party. Do it like Obama. If you have no plans of your own, complain very strongly about every one else’s plans. All either of them talk about is change. Change to what? In Obama’s case it could very well be letting the Islamist clergy run our government. I am not at all sure what the new Semocrat sheriff will change. If Obama is elected, we may not even need a sheriff. If we do, he will probably be appointed by the clergy. In the meantime, I am sticking with Bobby Grubbs as long as possible.

Dalton Thomas