New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and difficult to keep, but people still keep trying. Since this is the season, may we offer a short list of resolutions we would like to see the community keep, and encourage all other residents to develop their own. If enough people pull in the same direction, some amazing things might happen for us all. Brownwood and Brown County have seen it happen before, many times.

But before we go into that, happy new year from all of us at the Bulletin!

• Let us resolve to continue to support the helping agencies that are there to support us when things get tough. Many who have never needed them have learned the hard way in recent months how important they truly are. Hopefully, those who have been helped will soon become those organizations’ best backers.

• Let us resolve to confront our political differences with respect for the other side, and to truly listen to the reasons they are different.

• Let us resolve to continue to support the businesses and organizations that support the projects and activities in which we are involved, so that they will have the success that will continue to allow them to do so.

• Let us resolve to be thankful for what we have, to recognize how much more we are blessed than many others in the world, and to be content with that understanding.

• Let us resolve to drive courteously, drive safely, drive defensively and drive friendly.

• Let us resolve to put our best foot forward whenever guests come into our community.

• And let us resolve to keep Brownwood feeling like home.

Brownwood Bulletin