To the editor:

Thereís an awful lot of hysteria going on these days over illegal Mexican immigration. Iím reading about fear of higher crime and fear of losing jobs to cheap Mexican labor. It seems to me that China has clearly won the cheap labor race so worrying about cheap Mexican labor is a day late and dollar short. I mean, the horse is out of the barn and long gone. That drain started 25 years ago as our factories began to shut down and move to China. Donít blame Mexicans for that!

It seems to me that the criminal mind is pretty much distributed to all races. It seems to me that per capita, more money is stolen in the United States by white men because they have access to more of it. There was a surplus of white male criminals in the Brownwood Bulletin this month. So this fear of illegal Mexican criminals seems misdirected. Based on the evidence at hand, we should fear white men because they are more likely to be the criminals amongst us.

It seems to me that most Mexicans moved to the United States for better jobs and to get away from the kind of oppressive governmental corruption that is taking hold in the United States. I think it make more sense to welcome hard working Mexicans and send our corrupt white men in government to Mexico. I think it might be an uneven exchange unless we took in 1000 Mexicans for every corrupt government official we send down there.

In my personal experience, the crimes perpetrated on me were by white men and women who were allegedly drug addicts. So I think itís reasonable to be afraid of white drug addicts. Itís been my personal experience the only time I discovered employees with fake Social Security cards was when a white man was trying to avoid paying IRS past due taxes, and when another white man was trying to avoid being picked up for violating his terms of parole by having left another state. So I think itís a lot more reasonable to be afraid of white people. There are more of them, they have access to more money and more of other peopleís stuff and have more power to misuse and abuse.

Mary Stanley