To the editor:

While I was on vacation my roommate was watching our dog, Salem. He was only just over a year old and was lovable and playful. We live on 13 acres within the city limits of Brownwood with horses and deer and a pond.

Salem played with the horses. He went swimming in the pond with them. I don’t know if he thought he was a small horse or the horses were just large dogs, but he sure did have a good time with them. He never hurt any other animal in any way and had all of his vaccinations according to city code.

One morning Salem found out that in an adjacent pasture there were other horses to play with. My roommate let him out only to hear him letting out loud screams from the other side of the trees. Then she heard a shotgun blast. She drove the truck around to the other property only to find our dog, our baby, laying dead from a shotgun wound.

My roommate called 911. A man from Animal Control came out and said there was nothing he could do, that it was county land. I find that hard to believe. He put my dog in a bag and threw him in the back of the pick up truck. Later that day, he was buried.

Is this the “good old boy” system at work in Brownwood? I would hate to think so. Can a man get away with treating another animal so inhumanely? What if one of his horses were shot because they got out and wandered off to some other property?

I feel strongly after talking with various Texas state humane society organizations that the chief of police should investigate my claim and give me a good answer as to what will be done to rectify the situation.

Susan Hennessy