To the editor:

After reading the inflammatory comments voiced in the Letter to the Editor section on Tuesday morning regarding Judge Steve Ellis, I felt I had to respond.

Attacking Judge Ellis based on decisions made by other individuals in the Republican Party, or issuing blanket rhetorical questions stating one’s disgust with that party’s values simply do not ring true in this situation.

I read the article covering Judge Ellis’ decision, and it reflected the depth of thought and careful consideration he took in the matter. Or perhaps it is just because I have had the privilege to meet him personally, and know with certainty that any important decision in his life has been made with that same depth and consideration.

He is a man of immense integrity who takes the weight of his position seriously. He has a reputation for being tough, yet fair with those who stand before his bench. He has served this district well, and will continue to do so, regardless of his political affiliation.

Brenda Howard