To the editor:

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to take this time to express my thanks to a Brownwood physician for making sure that my siblings and I had our mom for Mother’s Day.

Last fall, my mom started to “feel bad,” which grew into “the crud” and finally “the flu,” or so we thought. After a trip to the clinic, many blood tests, several trips to her primary care physician, she was referred to Dr. Butka for further work up. He ordered more tests one of which was a CAT scan where a tumor was discovered in her abdomen. She was then referred to Dr. Dan Locker. What a blessing that was! He conferred with her, then took the time to go over not just the report on her CAT scan, but the actual scan and he talked with the radiologist on the findings before making the decision to operate. He told her before he saw the actual scan that if, after viewing the tumor on the scan and consulting with the radiologist, he did not feel he was the best qualified surgeon to remove her tumor he would find the best. Dr. Locker spent many hours conferring with other physicians and with my parents, explaining all he could to them before deciding to do the surgery.

Long before Dr. Locker decided he could do the surgery, my parents had already decided that if he couldn’t do it, they would go to a bigger hospital somewhere. You see, it is not just the gadgets the hospital has that brings in the patients, but the confidence they feel with their physicians. Dr. Locker has had a long and distinguished career as an M.D. in the military and could have retired anywhere, but he chose to come home to Brownwood, and he has made such a wonderful difference in the lives of his patients by doing so. Dr. Locker is not only a gifted surgeon, but he is a gentle and patient man who takes the time to listen to his patients concerns and to speak with them about anything they need to talk about. There is a comfort in that type of demeanor that cannot measured. It is the very thing that keeps patients coming back to our little hospital over and over.

I know this is a long letter, but I want the people of Brown County to know how very blessed we all are to have a surgeon of Dr. Locker’s ability, willing to practice in a small town. It is comforting to know that we don’t have to travel to Dallas or Fort Worth, to find a gifted surgeon should the need arise.

Thank you Dr. Dan Locker, for giving us the best Mother’s Day ever!

The children of Collene Scott

Vicky and O.E. Gammill, Terry and Sonja Scott and Tish and Larry Mabry