To the editor:

Congratulations to the 2006-2007 Lions baseball team and their coaches for winning regional and accelerating to the semi-finals. For a team that was not to reach this point of advancement, the team should be honored and held in high esteem by the citizens of Brownwood.

The Lions team is a group of fine, outstanding young men who supported each other, played well together and respected each other, along with their coaches. They showed the same respect to their opposing teams and all out-of-town guests.

It took the whole team, not just any single player, to consistently practice after school, weekends or any time the coaches called practice; the same for every game they played. This team was prompt to practice and games, which showed their diligence and love for the game.

As one of the players put it, “Now Brownwood will be known as a baseball town, not just a football town.” Will it? Where is the encouragement, support and praise for what the Lions have accomplished this year?

We salute you.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Riddle